Sold My TV, Bought A Guitar

In Politics on February 11, 2010 at 10:15 PM

For most of my adult life I have been looking, wishing, hoping for a good reason to walk away. Just put down the remote, and walk away. Sounds easy. However, when you’ve grown up on the old boob-tube and have no shame in enjoying it’s soothingly passive time killing abilities, the task at hand, dauntingly remains. The remedy made itself known in an hour-glass figure with a long, beautiful neck and alluring face. To this day, she remains unnamed, yet never fails to deliver a beautiful pitch – even in the most nubile hands.

How does one open a whole new world of discovery by making a single change in his or her life? Make a b-line to your local music shop (if you’re in southern California the coolest place to get your start is McCabes in St. Monica: best, nicest, most helpful, generous and kindest people ever  – it’s on Pico Boulevard and dog friendly) and buy yourself a guitar.

My journey into this eclectic world of dreamers, poets, impresarios and artists admittedly was somewhat intimidating on approach. The music world historically has clearly marked divides between spectator and performer. Or so one would think. Sure there are plenty of musician-snobs out there but once you manage your fears and step into the arena, you’ll find more helping hands than you can handle.

From my initial interest to my exploration of tools, aids and instructors on the net, I have encountered countless individuals willing to share their knowledge, often times at no cost. The exclusive fraternity I imagined turned out to be the polar opposite. Tremendously helpful websites like and as well as iphone apps Guitar Chords and Touch Chords make it possible for practically anyone to pick up a guitar and,, with a little dedication and a whole lot of patience, become a guitarist.  An incredibly unknown fact is that a great deal of popular songs consist of about three or four basic chords. Thus, if you have the courage to get through the callus (finger tips) stage and can master transitioning between three simple chords, your entry pass to this exciting and joyous world awaits. Do yourself a favor  – this is an easy way to move one component of your daily life from passive to active.  You will thank yourself for years to come.

  1. Nice transition, Ken! I applaud your choice. I wrote a really long reply about how activity and passivity depend upon the spirit or intention of the person. We can watch television passively, or actively just as we can listen to music passively or actively. Great films and dramatic sporting events can be actively viewed. I also actively watch alot of educational programming. Mind numbing television is the problem, not necessarily television in it’s entirety.

    • mr. peeps. thanks for the reply and kind words – i did not see any additional posts from you pending approval. i’m hoping to make this my new habit. while no activity is completely passive, there certainly is a scale, if you will, with sleeping being at the lower end and swimming or something maybe at the higher end. you will get little argument from me on the idea of “responsible” (tv) viewing. i certainly believe that learning new skills, becoming more enlightened on a subject or simply enjoying a sporting event on the tube, all have qualitative value. there is still something to be said for the two-dimensional versus three-dimensional experience and quantifying it overall value. i welcome all comments.

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